語源ab (離れる)の英単語の意味まとめ





The meaning of abdicate (æbdɪkèɪt) is “to give up one’s position”, and the etymology comes from ab (apart) and dicere (declare). The original meaning is Latin abdicare (to declare to not belong). Let’s see an example sentence.

If a revolution is succeeded in a country, the king are forced to abdicate the throne. The present pope works in their lifetime and rarely abdicate the job before their death. However, the Roman Pope Benedict XVI willingly abdicated his job in his lifetime. The reason is the decline of his health for aging. In 2017, the Japanese government established the law for the emperor of Japan to abdicate willingly.



The meaning of abduct (æbdˈʌkt) is “to take someone away forcefully”, and the etymology comes from ab (apart) and ducere (lead). The original idea is Latin abducere (to take away). The synonym is kidnap. Kidnap means taking someone away for a ransom and used in everyday English, but abduct is a formal word used in journalism. Let’s see example sentences. North Korea abducted 17 Japanese people, but the 12 people have not returned yet.


abhor(əbhˈɔɚ)の意味は「嫌う」で、語源はab(離れる)とhorrere(震える)に由来します。原義はラテン語のabhorrere(尻込みする)です。abhorは道徳的に外れたことを嫌うことを意味します。同義語はhate, loathe, can’t stand, despiseです。例文を見てみましょう。正義感の強い人は犯罪を憎み、検察官や警察になることを目指します。公正な人間は差別を嫌います。

The meaning of abhor (əbhˈɔɚ) is “dislike”, and the etymology comes from ab (apart) and horrere (tremble). The original meaning is the Latin abhorrere (to shrink). Abhor means to hate things morally wrong. Its synonyms are hate, loathe, can’t stand, despise. Let’s see example sentences. People with a strong sense of justice abhor crime and aim to be a prosecutor or police. Fair people abhor discrimination.


abnormal(æbnˈɔɚm(ə)l)の意味は「異常な」で、語源はab(離れる)とnorma(規則)に由来します。同義語はunusual, strange, uncommon, extraordinaryです。abnormalは好ましくないものに使われます。例えば機械に不具合が生じると異音が発生します。冷夏や寒波などの異常気象は農作物に大きな被害を与えます。異常行動は精神疾患のサインです。

The meaning of abnormal (æbnˈɔɚm(ə)l) is “not normal”, and the etymology comes from ab (away) and norma (rules). The synonyms are unusual, strange, uncommon, extraordinary. Abnormal is used in unfavorable things. Machines with defect make an abnormal noise. Abnormal weathers like cool summer or cold waves cause serious damage to farm products. Abnormal behaviors are the signs of mental illness.


abolish(əbάlɪʃ)の意味は「廃止する」で、語源はab(離れる)とadolere(増える)に由来し、原義はabolere(消し去る)です。同義語はdo away with, repeal, put an end toです。abolishは不要になった法律や制度を廃止する時に使います。例えばヨーロッパ諸国では死刑制度を廃止しています。日本で労働者の流動性を高めるためにも、解雇規制は撤廃されるべきです。

Abolish (əbάlɪʃ) means to end something. The etymology comes from ab (away) and adolere (grow). The original meaning is abolere (get rid of). The synonyms are do away with, repeal, put an end to. Abolish is used to get rid of unnecessary laws or systems. Capital punishment (or death penalty) is abolished in European countries. Dismissal regulation should be abolished to improve the mobility of employee.



Aborigine (`æbərídʒənìː) means first inhabitant in Australia. The etymology comes from ab (away) and oriri (be born). The original meaning is aborigines (first inhabitant) in Latin. Aborigine is the natives in Australian continent with thick body hair and dark skin. Once many aborigines had lived in Australian continent, but most of them died for epidemic and mass murder by Western people. Now, Aborigines made up with Caucasians. The word Aborigine has a discriminative nuance, and so we should call them Aboriginal or Indigenous Australians.


abortion(əbˈɔɚʃən)の意味は「中絶」で、語源はab(間違った)とoriri(生まれる)に由来します。原義はラテン語のaboriri(流産する)です。同義語はmiscarriage, terminationです。出生前診断で胎児に障害があることがわかった場合、妊婦さんはその子供を産むか、中絶するかの判断を強いられます。望まぬ妊娠をしてしまい、子供を育てるお金もない場合、多くの女性は中絶を行います。中絶は女性の体と心に大きな傷を残します。中絶手術を行う医者も辛いはずです。中絶を減らすためには、生まれてきた子供を受け入れる社会の仕組みが必要です。海外では特別養子縁組制度が一般的ですが、日本ではまだ認知度が低いです。

Abortion (əbˈɔɚʃən) means a medical operation to end pregnancy. The etymology comes from ab (away) and oriri (be born). The original meaning is aboriri (to miscarry) in Latin. The synonyms are miscarriage and termination. If prenatal diagnosis discovers a fetus’s disability, pregnant women choose whether to raise them or to have an abortion. If women get pregnant unwillingly without enough money for childcare, many would have abortion. Abortion suffers women physically and mentally. Performing abortion may be hard for doctors. To reduce the number of abortion, we need social system to accept these babies. Many foreign countries have a special adoption system, but this is not famous in Japan yet.



Abrasive (əˈbreɪsɪv) means a substance to make something smooth. The etymology comes from ab (away) and radere (to scrape). Abrasive is a substance to polish a surface of other substances. The normal abrasive is powdered. Combining abrasives with binder produces artificial grindstones. Sticking abrasive on paper makes abrasive papers. Disc-shaped abrasives are set on polishing machines. Abrasive is also used to make a rough surface. Sandblasting is the technology to make a rough surface by spraying abrasive, used for frosting glass.


abrogate(ˈæbrəgèɪt)の意味は「廃止する」で、語源はab(離れる)とrogare(頼むこと)に由来します。原義はラテン語のabrogare(無効にする)です。同義語はabolish, repealです。abrogateは法的な契約や慣習を公式に破棄することを意味します。例えば力の弱い国は不平等条約を破棄することを望んでいます。

Abrogate (ˈæbrəgèɪt) means to end a law or a system. The etymology comes from ab (away) and rogare (ask). The original meaning is abrogare (nullify) in Latin. The synonyms are abolish and repeal. Abrogate means to officially cancel legal agreements and practices. Powerless countries hope to abrogate unequal treaties.


abrupt(əbrˈʌpt)の意味は「突然の」で、語源はab(離れる)とrumpere(壊れる)に由来します。原義はラテン語のabrumpere(引きちぎる)です。同義語はsudden, unexpectedです。abruptの例文を見てみましょう。例えばプログラマは顧客が突然仕様を変更することに腹を立てます。突飛な行動は周囲の人を驚かせます。

Abrupt (əbrˈʌpt) means sudden and unexpected. The etymology comes from ab (away) and rumpere (break). The original meaning is abrumpere (break off) in Latin. The synonyms are sudden and unexpected. Let’s show you example sentences of abrupt. Programmers get angry at the abrupt change of the specifications by their customers.


The second meaning of abrupt is “Attitude and way of speaking are unnatural”. For example, an arrogant boss takes an abrupt attitude with his subordinates. The abrupt way of talking makes people isolated.


abscond(æbskάnd)の意味は「脱走する」で、語源はab(離れる)とcondere(まとめる)に由来します。原義はラテン語のabscondere(隠れる)です。同義語はescape, run away, fleeです。例えば狡猾な犯罪者は刑務所から脱走します。abscondは金品の持ち逃げにも使われます。従業員によるお金の持ち逃げを防ぐため、レジの近くには監視カメラが設置されています。

Abscond (æbskάnd) means to escape. The etymology comes from ab (away) and condere (put together). The original meaning is abscondere (hide) in Latin. The synonyms are escape, run away and flee. A cunning criminal abscond from the prison. Abscond is used to run away with money and goods. Shops installs surveillance cameras to prevent staffs from absconding with money.


absent(ˈæbsnt)の意味は「欠席」で、語源はab(離れる)とesse(存在する)に由来します。原義はラテン語のabesse(離れている)です。同義語はbe away, stay away, be not here (or there)です。absentは仕事や学校にいないことを意味します。例えば風邪を引いた子供は学校を欠席します。ブラック企業の社員は病気でも欠勤することができません。講義をよく休む学生は卒業に十分な単位を得られません。

Absent (ˈæbsnt) means to not be there. The etymology comes from ab (away) and esse (to be). The original meaning is abesse (to be away from) in Latin. The synonyms are be away, stay away, be not here (there). Absent means not at offices or schools. When children have a cold, they are absent from school. Staffs of sweatshop cannot get absent for illness. Students, usually absent from lectures, cannot get enough credit for graduation.


absolute(ˈæbsəlùːt)の意味は「完璧」で、語源はab(離れる)とsolvere(緩める)に由来し、原義はabsolvere(自由にする)です。同義語はcomplete, pure, totalです。absoluteは何かを強調するときに使われます。例えば一流のプログラマーは自分の作るプログラムに絶対の自信を持っています。真っ暗闇では人はバランス感覚を保てなくなります。宝くじでお金持ちを目指すのは全くの無意味です。

Absolute means to be complete. The etymology comes from ab (away) and solvere (to loose). The original meaning is absolvere (to set free). The synonyms are complete, pure and total. Absolute puts emphasis on something. An eminent programmer has absolute confidence in their program. People cannot keep their balance in absolute darkness. It is absolute nonsense to try to become rich with lottery.


We use absolute in chemistry. The temperature, an atom and a molecule completely stop, is absolute temperature. 0K or -273℃ means absolute zero. Absolute alcohol has no moisture. We clean electronic appliances with this.


absorb(əbsˈɔɚb)の意味は「吸収する」で、語源はab(離れる)とsorbere(吸い込む)に由来します。原義はラテン語のabsorbere(貪る)です。同義語はsoap up, suck inです。absorbは水分やガスなどを内部に取り込む時に使います。例えば車のエアバックは事故での衝撃を吸収してくれます。乾燥剤は梱包内部の水分を吸収します。植物は根から養分を吸収します。absorbは情報のインプットにも使います。例えば子供は言語をスポンジのように吸収するため、言語の学習スピードが速いです。私たちも自分の好きな情報ならいくらでも吸収できます。またabsorbは何かに没頭する時にも使われます。例えばゲーマーは面白いゲームに熱中しますし、ワーカーホリックは仕事に没頭します。普通の人でも面白い本や漫画に夢中になることはあるでしょう。

Absolute (əbsˈɔɚb) means to take something in. The etymology comes from ab (away) and sorbere (suck in). The original meaning is absorbere (devour) in Latin. The synonyms are soap up and suck in. Absorb means to take in moisture, gas etc. A car air bag absorbs impact of traffic accidents. Desiccants absorb moisture within containers. Plants absorb nutrient from their roots. We use absorb in information input. As children absorb their language as a sponge, they learn it quickly. We also absorb information about what we like. Absorb also means concentration. Gamers are absorbed in exciting games. Workaholics are absorbed in their work. Ordinary people are sometimes absorbed in interesting books or comics.


abstain(əbˈsteɪn)の意味は「慎む」で、語源はab(離れる)とtenere(掴む)に由来します。同義語はkeep off, refrain, stopです。abstainは健康のために楽しいことを控えるときに使われます。例えば妻が妊娠すると、夫は子供のためにタバコを控えるようになります。お酒の飲み過ぎで肝臓を痛めると、医者はその人にアルコールを控えるように言います。abstainは宗教でも使われます。イスラム教の聖典コーランは豚を不浄なものと記しているので、イスラム教徒は豚肉を食べません。ヒンドゥー教は牛は神聖な動物と崇められているので、信者は牛肉を食べません。

Abstain (əbˈsteɪn) means to stop enjoyable things. The etymology comes from ab (away) and tenere (hold). The synonyms are keep off, refrain and stop. We use abstain to stop enjoyable things for our health. As a wife get pregnant, her husband abstain from cigarette for their baby. As we drink too much and worsen our liver, our doctor tell us to abstain from alcohol. We use abstain in our religions. As the Islam bible, the Koran said that hogs are dirty, Muslims abstain from pork. As the Hinduism admires bulls as sacred, hindus abstain from beef.



Abstemious (əbstíːmiəs) means having foods and drinks moderately. The etymology comes from ab (away) and temuletus (drunken). The synonym is moderate. Let’s show you example sentences of abstemious. Healthy persons have an abstemious diet. Abstemious habit keep our health and save our medical expenses.


abstract(æbstrˈækt)の意味は「抽象的」で、語源はab(離す)とtract(引っ張る)に由来し、原義はabstrahere(引っ張り抜く)です。対義語はconcrete, specificです。abstractは具体例がなく理解しにくいものに使われます。例えば抽象画は作者の考えや感情をそのまま表現したもので、人や動物を用いていません。研究者は抽象的な思考が得意です。抽象名詞はpeaceやkindnessなどの概念を表す名詞です。

Abstract (æbstrˈækt) means based on general ideas. The etymology comes from ab (away) and tract (pull off). The original meaning is abstrahere (to pull out) in Latin. The antonyms are concrete and specific. We use abstract for things hard to understand without specific examples. Abstract painting directly express painter’s idea or feelings instead of humans or animals. Researchers are good at abstract thought. Abstract nouns means ideas like peace or kindness.


abstruse(əbstrúːs)の意味は「理解しにくい」で、語源はab(離す)とtrudere(押す)に由来し、原義はabstrudere(隠す)です。同義語はhard to understandです。abstruseの例文を見てみましょう。大学の図書館にはやたらと難しい本がたくさん置いてあります。大学で難しい講義をしても、学生は誰も耳を傾けません。難解な話は眠気を誘うものです。

Abstruse (əbstrúːs) means difficult to understand. The etymology comes from ab (away) and trudere (push). The original meaning is abstrudere (conceal). The synonym is hard to understand (or comprehend). Let’s show you example sentences of abstruse. University libraries have many abstruse books. Students do not listen to abstruse lectures at the university. Abstruse story makes us half asleep.


absurd(əbsˈɚːd)の意味は「馬鹿げている」で、語源はab(離れる)とsurdus(耳が聞こえない)に由来し、原義はラテン語のabsurdus(旋律から外れた)です。同義語はfoolish, silly, stupid, ridiculousです。例えばギャンブルでお金持ちになろうとするのは、とても馬鹿げた考えです。お金の使い方が下手な人間が大金を手にしても、すぐに散財してしまうからです。国が正社員の雇用を法律で保護するのも全く馬鹿げています。正社員は劣悪な労働環境でも辞めることができず、サービス残業、長時間労働、低賃金で苦しめられているからです。

Absurd (əbsˈɚːd) means completely stupid. The etymology comes from ab (away) and surdus (deaf). The original meaning is absurdus (out of tunes) in Latin. The synonyms are foolish, silly, stupid and ridiculous. It is absurd idea to play gambles to become a wealthy person. Even if they hit a jackpot, they will instantly waste the money. They have no idea how to use money efficiently. It is also completely absurd idea that the government protect full-time workers employment by law. They cannot leave their company for bad working environment. Furthermore, they suffer from unpaid overtime, long-time work and low wages.


abuse(əbjúːz)の意味は「虐待」で、語源はab(離れる)とuti(使う)に由来し、原義はラテン語のabuti(使い果たす)です。同義語はill-treatment, crueltyです。虐待とは人や動物にひどい扱いをすることです。児童虐待で苦しんでいる子供は多いです。治安の悪い場所では性的虐待が起きやすいです。国がその人の宗教や思想を理由に不当に逮捕することは人権侵害です。弱そうな人間は物理的な虐待を受けやすいです。悪口は人を精神的に苦しめます。

Abuse (əbjúːz) means cruel treatment. The etymology comes from ab (away) and uti (use). The original meaning is abuti (consume) in Latin. The synonyms are ill-treatment and cruelty. Abuse means to treat people or animals violently. Many children suffer from child abuse. Sexual abuse often happens in a dangerous area. It is human right abuse that a country arrests people for their religion or ideas. Seemingly weak persons are tend to suffer physical abuse. Verbal abuse suffer humans mentally.


We use abuse in misuse of power or drugs. Drug abuse destroy a human life. Alcohol abuse suffers our liver. Solvent abuse in adolescence ruins human life in the future. Bitcoin is open to abuse, as the government do not establish the law. Dismissal employees unfairly is abuse of power.


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