語源auto (自分)の英単語の意味まとめ





autism /ˈɔːtɪzm/:自閉症



Autism means “disorder of communication”, and the etymology comes from auto (self) and ismos (state). Let’s see an example sentence.

Autism is a brain dysfunction that causes difficulties in communication with others.

The main symptoms are delayed development of language, indifference to others, sticking to regularity, repeated behavior, hypersensitivity.

As autism, Asperger’s syndrome and developmental disorders are difficult to distinguish, they are collectively called Autism Spectrum Disease (ASD).

Suitable work for autism people is the one with clear rules and manuals such as accounting, call centers, programmers, CAD operators etc.

On the contrary, work that does not suit people with autism is a job that requires flexible response and complicated communication skills such as hospitality, sales, and drivers.

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autobiography /`ɔːṭəbɑɪάgrəfi/:自伝



Autobiography means “a book written by oneself”, and the origin is derived from auto (self), bio (life) and graphia (record).

Autobiography is a book that describes your life by yourself. The most famous autobiography worldwide is written by Benjamin Franklin. His book “Franklin Autobiography” is an American long-best seller, Franklin’s 13rd virtue written in this book makes life beneficial.

Other well-known autobiography includes Helen Keller’s “The Story of My Life”, Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, Anne Frank’s “The Diary Of A Young Girl”.

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autocracy /ɔːtάkrəsi/:独裁

autocracyは「独裁」を意味し、語源はauto(自分)とkratia(支配)に由来します。原義はギリシャ語のautokratia(一人による支配)です。同義語はdictatorship, despotismです。


Autocracy means “governance by one ruler”, and the etymology comes from auto (yourself) and kratia (dominant). The original meaning is Greek autokratia (domination by one person). The synonyms are dictatorship, despotism. Let’s see an example sentence.

Autocracy is a political system in which only one individual or faction has absolute political power. The autocracy has a strong image of being bad, but I can not absolutely say that.

In ancient Rome, when war and civil war occurred, autocracy was held. A single dictator should make a quick decision in case of an emergency. China and North Korea are the only countries currently doing official autocracy.

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autograph /ˈɔːṭəgr`æf/:有名人のサイン



Autograph means “sign of celebrity”, and the origin is derived from auto (self) and graphia (write). The original idea is autographos (writing with your own hands).

Autograph stands for signature that celebrities write to fans. Let’s see an example sentence.

If an enthusiastic fan sees a celebrity, they say, “Can I have your autograph?” Fans should ask celebrities for autograph so as not to be rude. Friendly athletes sign autograph willingly. Imprudent people sell celebrity’s autograph at the Internet auction.

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autoimmune /ɔ̀tɔ́ɪmjun/:自己免疫



Autoimmune means “attacked by your immune system”, and the etymology comes from auto (yourself) and immune (immune). Let’s see an example sentence.

Autoimmune diseases are diseases that the immune system attacks their cells. Type 1 diabetes is a representative of autoimmune diseases. When type 1 diabetes develops, liver cells become attacked by the immune system and do not secrete insulin, resulting in an abnormally increased blood sugar level.

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automatic /`ɔːṭəmˈæṭɪk/:自動



Automatic means “without human labor”, and the etymology comes from auto (yourself) and matos (think). Automatic means that machinery and tools save people’s time and effort. The antonym is manual. Let’s see an example sentence.

As AT (Automatic Transmission) cars do not need to change gears while driving, anyone can drive casually. A semi-automatic gun automatically loads the next bullet every shot of a bullet. The full-automatic gun keeps shooting bullets while pulling the trigger. Full-automatic guns are too high in killing ability, so they are also regulated in the USA.

We deposit and withdraw money from convenience store ATM (Automatic Teller Machine). Most of the new buildings in Japan have automatic doors. Fully automatic cleaning robot Roomba saves you the trouble of cleaning the floor.

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automation /`ɔːṭəméɪʃən/:自動化



Automation means “system without human labor”, and the etymology comes from automatic. Automation means that machines work on behalf of human beings. Let’s see an example sentence.

Factories of large companies introduce factory automation. It is afraid that automation will rob people from their work. In fact, more factories introduce factory automation (FA) to reduce labor costs and for work safety and accuracy. Factory automation can do complex work by linking with PLC and CAD.

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automaton /ɔːtάmətn/:自動人形



Automaton means “automatic doll”, and the etymology comes from auto (yourself) and matos (think). Plural form is automata. Let’s see an example sentence.

Automaton mainly means a machine doll made in Europe. While marionette and puppet are manipulated with thread, automaton will automatically move with spring etc. as a power source.

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automobile /ˈɔːṭəmoʊbìːl/:自動車



Automobile means “a car”, and the etymology comes from auto (yourself) and mobile (move). Synonym is car. Automobile is often used in formal occasions. Let’s see an example sentence.

In Japan, drivers are obliged to enter automobile insurance for compensation for damages due to automobile accidents. Toyota is one of the world’s leading automobile companies and supports the Japanese automobile industry. Automobile tax is imposed on the owner of the car.

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autonomic /`ɔːṭənάmɪk/:自律神経の



Autonomic means “relating to nerves that controls human organ”, and the etymology comes from autonomy (autonomy). Let’s see an example sentence.

Autonomic nerves are nerves that regulate human organs, and there are two types, sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves. When autonomic nervous system malfunction occurs, various symptoms appear in the body.

These diseases are called autonomic imbalances. The main cause is stress and irregular lifestyle. Since autonomic nerve secretes female hormones, women are prone to autonomic imbalance due to collapse of hormonal balance.

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autonomy /ɔːtάnəmi/:自治権




Autonomy means “autonomy right”, and the etymology comes from auto (yourself) and nomos (law). The original meaning is Latin autonomos (living by my own law).

Autonomy means that nations and regions ruled without interference from others. Synonyms are independence. Let’s see an example sentence.

The Tibetan people have asserted autonomy right to China, but they have received intense repression from the Chinese government. Some Tibetans now set up an exile in Government in India and are trying to expand autonomy.

The second meaning of autonomy is “an ability to decide by yourself”, and the synonym is independence.

A person with autonomy can decide oneself himself, but a person without autonomy tends to rely on someone else. Companies with high labor productivity generally respect the autonomy of employees. It’s fun to work independently on your own. Autonomy is necessary for a happy life as there is a desire for humans to decide their affairs by themselves.

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autopsy /ˈɔːtɑpsi/:検視

autopsyは「検視」を意味し、語源はauto(自分)とopsis(見ること)に由来します。同義語はinquest, postmortemです。


Autopsy means “examination of dead body”, the etymology comes from auto (yourself) and opsis (view). Synonyms are inquest, postmortem. Let’s see an example sentence.

The coroner is a profession performing autopsy. When a corpse is discovered, a coroner performs an autopsy and investigate the incidences.

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