語源acer, acri, acu (刺す)の英単語の意味まとめ





acid /ˈæsɪd/:酸



Acid means “a sour substance”, and the etymology comes from acere (sour). The antonym is base.

Acid is a kind of chemical substances. It has a sour taste, changes blue litmus paper to red, it generates hydrogen ions when dissolved in water, pH is less than 7, and so on.

Strong acid such as hydrochloric acid melts the skin. Air pollution causes acid rain, which adversely affects plants and fish.

Our body also has some acids. Amino acids are elements that make up proteins. Especially, human body cannot produce essential amino acids, so we have to take them with meals.

When the body gets tired, lactic acid accumulates in the body. Dairy products and meat contain saturated fatty acids, and too much intake causes arteriosclerosis. Snack confections contain a lot of trans fatty acids, and taking too much will increase the risk of heart disease.

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acidophilus /ˌasɪˈdɒfɪləs/:乳酸菌

acidophilusは「乳酸菌」を意味し、語源はacidus(酸の)とphilos(愛)に由来します。同義語はlactic acid bacteria, lactobacillusです。


Acidophilus means “lactic acid bacteria”, and the etymology comes from acidus (acid) and philos (love). It is the origin of lactobacillus dyeing easily with acid dye. The synonym is lactic acid bacteria, lactobacillus. Let’s see an example sentence.

Acidophilus is a microorganism that decomposes carbohydrates and produces lactic acid. Lactic acid helps restore fatigue. Acidophilus is contained in yoghurt, cheese, pickles and many others.

Acidophilus has the effect of preparing the intestinal environment, and it improves constipation and diarrhea. The lifespan of acidophilus is as short as about one week, and it decreases one after another due to stress and aging. Let’s take acidophilus by eating dairy products regularly.

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acrid /ˈækrɪd/:刺激臭の

acridは「刺激臭の」を意味し、語源はacer(感覚を刺す)に由来します。同義語はbad-smelling, smelly, stinkingです。


Acrid means “bad-smelling”, and the origin is derived from acer (like stabbing the sensation). Acrid means that the smell is tight, the taste is bitter.

Synonyms are bad-smelling, smelly, stinking. Let’s see an example sentence.

The acrid smell of cigarette smoke makes people around feel uncomfortable. Many people dislike the acrid smell of car exhaust gas. People with acrid smell are avoided from people around them. Ammonia is a colorless gas with a acrid odor.

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acrobat /ˈækrəb`æt/:曲芸師



Acrobat means “person with skillful movement”, and the origin is derived from akros (tip) and bat (walk). Original is the Greek word akrobates (a tightrope). Let’s see an example sentence.

Some acrobats belong to the circus group. An acrobat performs acrobatics with an exquisite balance sense.

Incidentally, acrobat is also used for PC terminology. Adobe Acrobat is software for viewing and editing PDF.

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acrobatics /`ækrəbˈæṭɪks/:曲芸

acrobaticsは「曲芸」を意味し、語源はakros(先端)とbat(歩く)に由来します。原義はギリシャ語のakrobates(縄の上を歩く人)です。同義語はstunt, featです。


Acrobatics means “skillful movement”, and the etymology comes from akros (tip) and bat (walk). The original meaning is Greek akrobates (a person walking on rope). Synonyms are stunt, feat. Let’s see example sentences.

To perform acrobatics requires advanced physical abilities. Tightrope walking and flying trapeze etc. are typical examples of acrobatics.

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acronym /ˈækrənìm/:頭字語



Acronym means “abbreviation of long name”, and the etymology comes from acro (high) and onym (name). Synonym is initialism. Let’s see a concrete example of acronym.

For example, AIDS is an acronym for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. NATO is an acronym for North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The difference between acronym and initialism is how to read abbreviations. Although initialism such as WHO and FBI sounds alphabets one character at a time, acronym such as AIDS and NATO sounds as one word.

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acumen /əkjúːmən/:聡明さ

acumenは「聡明さ」を意味し、語源はacuere(鋭くする)に由来します。同義語はcleverness, intelligence, wisdomです。


Acumen is “intelligence”, and the etymology comes from acuere (sharpening). The synonyms are cleverness, intelligence and wisdom. Let’s see an example sentence.

Persons with business acumen will succeed in business. Persons with political acumen can lead his country in a positive way.

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acute /əkjúːt/:深刻な

acuteは「深刻な」を意味し、語源はacutus(鋭い)に由来します。同義語はserious, severe, grave, criticalです。

二つ目の意味は「痛みや感情が激しいこと」で、同義語はsharp, violent, intenseです。



Acute means “serious”, and the etymology comes from acutus (sharp). The synonyms are serious, severe, grave, critical. Let’s see an example sentence.

The Japanese service industry is in acute shortage of manpower. Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers caused an acute economic crisis. The vacant house problem in Japan is much more acute than we think.

Acute also means intense pain and emotion. Synonyms are sharp, violent and intense. Let’s see example sentences When we have a tooth decay, we will feel an acute pain in our tooth. Urethral stones cause very acute pain. Both young people and the elderly feel acute anxiety about Japan’s social security.

The third meaning of acute is “the disease progresses quickly”. The opposite term is chronic. Acute illness is a disease whose symptoms progress rapidly in a short period of time. Drinking alcohol in large quantities in a short time will cause acute alcohol poisoning.

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acupressure /ˈækjʊprèʃɚ/:指圧



Acupressure means “massage with fingers or hands”, and the etymology comes from acus (needle) and pressure (push). Let’s see an example sentence.

Acupressure is a treatment that pushes the acupuncture point of the body with fingers to promote natural healing power.

There is no scientific evidence that acupressure cures certain diseases. For this reason acupressure is classified as alternative medicine in the West. You have no specific national qualification in Japan, you cannot perform acupressure.

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acupuncture /ˈækjʊp`ʌŋ(k)tʃɚ/:鍼灸



Acupuncture is “treatment with thin needle”, and the etymology comes from acus (needle) and puncture (sting). Let’s see an example sentence.

Acupuncture is a medicine that encourages health by sticking an extremely fine needle into the human body. The needle used in acupuncture treatment is as thin as hair, so there is little pain from treatment. Acupuncture treatment is classified as alternative medicine as well as acupressure.

Just to be clear, acupuncture and moxibustion is not profitable. Because the number of store openings is high, awareness is low, and there are few people receiving treatment.

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exacerbate /ɪgzˈæsɚbèɪt/:悪化させる

exacerbateは「状況を悪化させる」を意味し、語源はex(徹底的)とacerbus(厳しい)に由来します。原義はラテン語のexacerbare(怒らせる)です。同義語はget worse, deteriorate, worsenです。


Exacerbate means “to make the situation worse”, and the etymology comes from ex (exhaustive) and acerbus (severe). The original idea is Latin exacerbare (make me angry). Synonyms are get worse, deteriorate, worsen. Let’s see an example sentence.

If you join a sweatshop, you should quit immediately. Even if you continue to work as it is, it just exacerbates the situation. Dismissal restrictions of regular employee exacerbates the labor market in Japan. The recession exacerbates employment problems.

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