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impotent /ímpətnt/ : 無力な、勃起不全の

impotentは「無力な」を意味し、語源はin(否定)とponentem(力のある)に由来し、原義はラテン語のimpotentem(無力な)です。同義語はhelpless, powerless, incompetentです。例文を見てみましょう。




Impotent means “having not enough power to do”, the etymology comes from in (denial) and ponentem (powerful), the original meaning is Latin impotentem (helpless). Synonyms are helpless, powerless and incompetent. Let’s see an example sentence.

No matter how strong, creatures are impotent against the death. Humans are impotent in the face of a disaster. Low-income people are impotent before a big recession. Morality is impotent before poverty.

The second meaning of impotent is “unable to get an erection”. Let’s see an example sentence.

Impotent men cannot have an erect penis. This condition is called Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The reason that males become sexually impotent is stress, aging or lifestyle disease. Viagra is a medicine to treat erectile dysfunction.

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possess /pəzés/ : 所有している

possessは「所有している」を意味し、語源はpotis(力のある)とsedere(座る)に由来し、原義はラテン語のpossidere(所有する)です。同義語はhave, own, holdです。possessはフォーマルな単語で、日常会話ではhaveの方が使われます。例文を見てみましょう。


Possess means “to have”, the etymology comes from potis (powerful) and sedere (sitting), the original meaning is Latin possidere (to own). Synonyms are have, own and hold. The word “possess” is a formal word, and in the daily conversation, people often say “have”. Let’s see an example sentence.

America and Russia possess nuclear weapons. Dictators possess absolute power. People who possess huge wealth are not necessarily happy. People who possess buildings or land are obliged to pay property tax.


語源sed, sess, sirge (座る)の英単語の意味まとめ

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possessive /pəzésɪv/ : 独占欲の強い、所有格




my, your, his, herなどは所有格もしくは所有形容詞と呼ばれます。minesやyoursは所有代名詞に分類されます。

Possessive means “having a strong desire to monopolize”, the origin is derived from potis (powerful) and sedere (to sit), and the original meaning is Latin possidere (to own). Let’s see example sentences.

A greedy person are possessive about wealth. Possessive men are unpopular with women. A gluttonous child are possessive about sweets. Possessive mother deprives her children of the independence.

The second meaning of possessive is “grammatical term to indicate ownership”. Let’s see an example sentence.

My, your, his, her etc are called possessive case or possessive adjective. Mines and yours are classified as possessive pronouns.


語源sed, sess, sirge (座る)の英単語の意味まとめ

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possible /pάsəbl/ : 可能な

possibleは「可能な」を意味し、語源はpotere(力のある)に由来します。同義語はfeasible, workable, practicableで、対義語はimpossible, impracticableです。例文を見てみましょう。


Possible means “that can be done”, the etymology comes from potere. Synonyms are feasible, workable, practicable and antonyms are impossible and impracticable. Let’s see an example sentence.

Most people want to be free if possible. In an information society, it is possible to earn money without commuting. Students should do everything possible before the exam. We can take pictures wherever possible with a smartphone.

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possibly /pάsəbli/ : おそらく

possiblyは「おそらく」を意味し、語源はpossibleに由来し、同義語はprobably, maybe, perhapsです。例文を見てみましょう。


Possibly means “likely”, the etymology comes from possible, synonyms are probably, maybe and perhaps. Let’s see an example sentence.

Due to the spread of the Internet, possibly the economic disparity will expand further. If you take an exam without studying, you will possibly fail. Even if you start your business without knowledge of money, you will possibly fail.

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potent /póʊtnt/ : 強力な

potentは「強力な」を意味し、語源はpotere(強力な)に由来します。同義語はpowerful, strong, mightyです。例文を見てみましょう。


Potent means “strong”, and the etymology comes from potere (powerful). Synonyms are powerful, strong and mighty. Let’s see an example sentence.

Potent medicine sometimes brings side effects to the human body. Tears are a potent weapon for women. Programming skills will be a potent weapon in the future labor market. Whiskey and vodka are potent liquors. There is a potent poison called tetrodotoxin in the body of blowfish.

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potentate /póʊtntèɪt/ :  支配者

potentateは「支配者」を意味し、語源はpotentum(強力な)に由来します。同義語はmonarch, ruler, sovereignです。

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potential /pəténʃəl/ : 見込みのある

potentialは「見込みのある」を意味し、語源はpotens(強力な)に由来します。同義語はlikely, possible, latentです。例文を見てみましょう。



Potential means “likely to become particular things”, and the etymology comes from potens (powerful). Synonyms are likely, possible and latent. Let’s see example sentences.

Advertisements have the role of attracting potential customers. Children have various potential abilities. English and the Internet will expand the potential of business. The company gains great benefits by educating potential workers properly.

Potential is also used in the field of science. For example, the potential has almost the same meaning as voltage. Positional energy is energy that exists when an object exists at a certain position. An object in a high place has high potential energy.

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power /pάʊɚ/ : 権力、能力

powerは「権力」を意味し、語源はpotere(強力な)に由来します。同義語はinfluence, authorityです。例文を見てみましょう。


powerの二つ目の意味は「能力」で、同義語はability, capacityです。例文を見てみましょう。筋トレを続けるには、強い意志が必要です。探偵には鋭い観察力があります。情報化社会では、ネットリテラシーがお金を稼ぐ力に変わります。購買能力のない人に商品を勧めるのは無意味です。


Power means “the ability to control someone or something”, and the etymology comes from potere (powerful). Synonyms are influence and authority. Let’s see example sentences.

The president has the power to control the company. A boss has the power to manage his men. The government has power to collect taxes from the people. Public officials should not abuse their power. Power-hungry politicians will lose support of the people.

The second meaning of power is “ability”, synonyms are ability and capacity. Let’s see example sentences. Will power is needed to keep muscle training. Detectives have a keen observation power. In the information society, Internet literacy turns into earning power. It is meaningless to recommend products to people without purchasing power.

The third meaning of power is “energy”. Let’s see an example sentence. Solar panels convert solar power into electricity. Nuclear power plants convert nuclear power to electricity. By turning off the power of home appliances, you can save electricity bills.

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powerful /pάʊɚf(ə)l/ : 影響力の強い

powerfulは「影響力の強い」を意味し、語源はpower(力)とful(満ちている)に由来し、同義語はstrong, mighty, influentialで、対義語はpowerless, impotentです。例文を見てみましょう。



Powerful means “having a strong influence”, the etymology comes from power and ful (to be full of), synonyms are strong, mighty and influential, the antonym is powerless and impotent. Let’s see an example sentence.

The Japanese Prime Minister and the President of the United States are powerful persons. Money has a powerful influence on people’s lives. America is a powerful country. Twitter accounts with powerful influence generate revenue.

Powerful is also used for speech and weapons. For example, selling expensive products to customers needs a powerful reason. An excellent actor will fascinate the audience with powerful performance. In information society, a unique way of thinking becomes a powerful weapon.

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powerless /páʊɚləs/ : 無力な

powerlessは「無力な」を意味し、語源はpower(力)とless(不足)に由来します。同義語はimpotent, helplessです。例文を見てみましょう。


Powerless means “not having power to do”, and the etymology comes from power and less (lacking). Synonyms are impotent and helpless. Let’s see example sentences.

Children are powerless to live alone. People feel powerless when they keep failing. People are powerless before disaster. In the capitalist economy, people without money are powerless to fully satisfy their desires.

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plenipotentiary /plènəpəténʃ(ə)ri/ : 全権大使



Plenipotentiary means “a chief representative of the government”, and the etymology comes from plenus (full) and potentum (mighty). Let’s see an example sentence.

The plenipotentiary is an abbreviation for Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary is the highest class of diplomatic mission. For example, ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary in Japan is the head of the embassy.


語源ple, pli, ply, plere (満たす)の英単語の意味まとめ

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