語源psycho, psykhe (心)の英単語の意味まとめ



psyche /sάɪki/ : 精神

psycheは「精神」を意味し、語源はギリシャ語のpsykhe(精神)に由来します。同義語はspirit, mind, soulです。例文を見てみましょう。人間の精神に興味のある大学生は、心理学を専攻し、心理士を目指します。心理状態が異常で、反社会的な人間はサイコパスと見なされます。またプシュケーはギリシャ神話に登場する人間の娘の名前も意味します。

Psyche means “human spirit”, and the etymology comes from the Greek word psykhe (spirit). The synonyms are spirit, mind and soul. Let’s see an example sentence. College students who are interested in human psyche will major in psychology and aim for psychologists. Antisocial humans with abnormal psyche are regarded as psychopaths. Psyche also means the name of a human girl who appears in Greek mythology.

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psychedelic /sὰɪkədélɪk/ : 幻覚的な


Psychedelic means “like a hallucination”, and the etymology comes from psykhe (spirit) and deloun (look). The noun form is psychedelia. Psychedelic is a peculiar expression method using flashy colors and music, and it was made on the basis of experience obtained with hallucinogens such as LSD. Looking at psychedelic painting for a long time will make us dizzy. In the 1960s America, LSD spread among the masses, and psychedelic art and psychedelic music was born. Currently LSD is regulated globally, and even in Japan LSD is designated as a drug.

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psychology /sɑɪkάlədʒi/ : 心理学


Psychology means “the study of human mind and behavior”, and the etymology comes from psykhe (spirit) and logia (learning). Psychology is the study of how human mind influences behavior. Psychology is broadly divided into basic psychology and applied psychology. Basic psychology explores general laws through observation, experiments and investigations. Applied psychology tries to use knowledge of basic psychology for everyday life. Clinical psychology is an academic field aimed at the treatment of mental disorders, it is a field of applied psychology. Adler psychology, which has been popular recently, is also aimed at improving the psychological state of individuals.


語源loqu, log (言葉)の英単語の意味まとめ

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psychiatry /sɑɪάɪətri/ : 精神医学



Psychiatry means “the study of mental disease”, and the etymology comes from psykhe (spirit) and iatreia (treatment). Psychiatry is a field of medicine that diagnoses and treats mental disorders. Specific examples of mental disorders include depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder and drug addiction. If you work for a sweatshop and become depressed, immediately consult a psychiatrist.

Psychiatry treatment includes drug therapy using psychotropic drugs, cognitive therapy to correct distorted ideas, occupational therapy to perform handicrafts and crafts.


語源iatr (治療者)の英単語の意味まとめ

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psychosomatic /sὰɪkəsəmˈæṭɪk/ : 心因性の


Psychosomatic means “relating to mental problem”, and the etymology comes from psykhe (spirit) and soma (body). Let’s see an example sentence. Psychosomatic disorder is a disease whose main reason is the problem of the mind. Psychosomatic medicine is a field of medicine that seeks to improve not only the patient’s physical body but also psychology and sociality. Psychosomatic medicine handles physical symptoms that come from psychosomatic disorders and stress.

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psychotherapy /sàɪkoʊθɛ́rəpi/ : 精神療法


Psychotherapy means “treatment of mental disorder”, and the etymology comes from psykhe (spirit) and therapy (treatment). Psychotherapy is a way to treat mental disorders and psychosomatic disorders through dialogue. Psychologists are those who do psychotherapy. Psychotherapy in Japan is behind that in Europe and the United States, and drug therapy is mainstream. The reason is that the Japanese medical system does not set high remuneration for invisible technology such as dialogue.

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