語源port (運ぶ)の英単語の意味まとめ



airport /éɚp`ɔɚt/ 空港


Airport means “a place for airplane to take off and land”, the etymology comes from air (airplane) and port (port). An airport is a place for the airplane to take off and land, and there are buildings for passengers to enter and exit. Let’s see an example sentence. Passengers should arrive at the airport early so as not to miss the airplane. People widely known will meet with local foreigners at the airport lobby. Recent airports are equipped with restaurants and leisure facilities and you can kill as much time as you like.


語源aer, air, aero, aeri (空気)の英単語の意味まとめ

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comport /kəmpˈɔɚt/ : 振る舞う

comportは「振る舞う」を意味し、語源はcom(一緒)とportare(運ぶ)に由来します。原義はラテン語のcompotare(集める)です。同義語はbehave, act, conductです。comportの例文を見てみましょう。結婚式や葬式では私たちは行儀よく振る舞わないといけません。機嫌の悪い子供は赤ちゃんのように振舞います。私たちは困難に直面したときにこそ理性的に振る舞うべきです。ヒーローは常に勇敢に振舞い、王様は常に厳粛に振舞います。

Comport means “behave in a particular way”, the etymology comes from com (together) and portare (carrying). The original meaning is Latin compotare (gathering). The synonyms are behave, act and conduct. Let’s see an example sentence of comport. We have to comport well in weddings and funerals. A child with bad mood comports like a baby. We should comport rationally at the face of difficulties. A hero always comports bravely, and the king always comports solemnly.

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export /ekspˈɔɚt/ : 輸出、輸出品


Export means “to sell things to other countries”, the etymology comes from ex (out) and portare (carrying), the original meaning is Latin exportare (bring out). Let’s see an example sentence of export. Export means selling goods and services to other countries. China is a big export market for Japan. Japan exports many vehicles abroad. When the yen weakens, the value of the yen falls, and the export company is profitable. To export a specific cargo, an export license is required. This is to prevent export goods from being used for criminal purposes in other countries. Recently individuals can also start export business.

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heliport /héləpɔ̀ːrt/ : ヘリポート


Heliport means “the landing place for helicopter”, and the etymology comes from helicopter and port. A heliport is a place for a helicopter to take off and land, and a landing point is marked with a circle H mark. Sometimes the R mark is written differently from the heliport. This is an abbreviation for Rescue, which means an emergency rescue space. Because the helicopter can not land at the location of the R mark, it will rescue while flying in the air.

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import /ɪmpˈɔɚt/ : 輸入、輸入品


Import means “to buy things from other countries”, and the etymology comes from in (into) and portare (carrying). Let’s see an example sentence of import. Import is to buy goods and services from foreign countries. Japan imports many fuels and foods from foreign countries. Taxes imposed on imported goods are called tariffs. If you want products sold abroad, let’s use the import agent. As the yen appreciates, the value of the yen will rise, importers will be profitable.

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important /ɪmpˈɔɚtnt/ : 重要な

importantは「重要な」を意味し、語源はin(中)とportare(運ぶ)に由来し、原義はラテン語のimportare(結果をもたらす)です。同義語はsignificant, crucial, essential, key, major, vitalです。importantの例文を見てみましょう。結婚や子作り、転職や退職は人生において重要なイベントです。重要な決定を下す前には、家族や友人に相談するべきです。インターネットはこれから個人の生き方において重要な役割を果たすでしょう。アフィリエイトビジネスを成功させるには忍耐力がもっとも重要です。幸福は人生でもっとも重要な要素です。

Important means “having a big influence”, the etymology comes from in (into) and portare (carrying), the original meaning is Latin importare (brings in the result). The synonyms are significant, crucial, essential, key, major and vital. Let’s see an example sentence of important. Marriage and child making, job change and retirement are important events in life. You should consult family and friends before making important decisions. The Internet will play an important role in the way people live. Perseverance is the most important to succeed in affiliate business. Happiness is the most important element of life.

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opportunity /ὰpɚt(j)úːnəṭi/ : 機会

opportunityは「機会」を意味し、語源はob(前)とport(港)に由来し、原義はラテン語のopportunus(適している)です。港に近づく様子が「好機」の意味に派生しました。同義語はchance, occasionです。opportunityの例文を見てみましょう。貧乏人の子供には高度な教育を受ける機会がありません。国はすべての子どもに教育の機会を与えるべきです。商才のある人は金儲けの機会を逃しません。海外留学は視野を広げる良い機会です。機会があれば、日本の様々な場所を旅行するべきです。

Opportunity means “a chance”, the etymology comes from ob (former) and port (harbor), the original meaning is Latin opportunus (suitable). A way of approaching the harbor was derived to the meaning of “opportunity”. The synonyms are chance and occasion. Let’s see an example sentence of opportunity. Children of the poor do not have the opportunity to receive advanced education. The country should give educational opportunities to all children. People with business acumen do not miss the opportunity to make money. Studying abroad is a good opportunity to broaden your perspective. If you have the opportunity, you should travel various places in Japan.

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passport /pˈæsp`ɔɚt/ : パスポート、旅券


Passport means “a small document for foreign travel”, and the etymology comes from pass (to pass) and port (a port). Passport is an official document that prove your identity, allowing you to leave your country or enter another country. The passport contains the nationality, name, date of birth, gender, etc. of the holder. To travel abroad or study abroad, you should apply for a passport at first. When the passport is about to expire, you can update it at the government office. America has introduced IC passport to prevent impersonation of passport. 


語源pass (通る)の英単語の意味まとめ

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port /pˈɔɚt/ : 港


Port means “a place for ships to stop”, and the etymology comes from Latin portus (harbor). The synonym is harbor. An port is a place where ships can approach and load and unload. The port is a relay point connecting the sea and the land, many people and luggage gathered, so it often forms a city. Typical ports in Japan are Tokyo Port, Yokohama Port, Nagoya Port, Osaka Port and Kobe Port. The fishing ship will anchor at the fishing port of the port town. A port is a very important place to do trade.

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portable /pˈɔɚṭəbl/ : 持ち運べる


Portable means “can be carried”, the etymology comes from portare (carry). The synonym is mobile. Let’s see an example sentence of portable. Most modern people always carry portable phones. A portable audio player was superseded by a smartphone. Nowadays few people carry a portable TV and portable radio, because we can do anything with a smartphone. Freelance can work anytime, anywhere with a portable computer. Due to the spread of smartphone games, the Japanese portable game market has declined. Let’s prepare a portable generator for the preparation of disasters.

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portage /pˈɔɚṭɪdʒ/ : 船で運ぶこと

portageは「船で運ぶこと」を意味し、語源はportare(運ぶ)に由来します。同義語はtransportationです。パソコン用語のPortageは、Gentoo Linuxで使われるパッケージ管理システムを意味します。Manhattan Portageはメッセンジャーバッグの有名なブランドです。

Portage means “carrying by ship”, and the etymology comes from portare (carrying). The synonym is transportation. As a computer term, portage means package management system used in Gentoo Linux. Manhattan Portage is a famous brand of messenger bag.

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portal /pˈɔɚṭl/ : ポータルサイト

portalは「ポータルサイト」を意味し、語源はporta(門)に由来します。同義語はgateです。portalはportから派生した言葉です。ポータルサイトとは、インターネット上で他のウェブサイトへの入り口となるウェブサイトのことです。例えばYAHOO! JAPANのポータルサイトにはニュースや天気予報、着信メールなどが表示されます。一方Googleのポータルサイトはシンプルで、真ん中に検索窓があるだけです。またゲームとしてのportalはワープを利用したパズルゲームを指します。

Portal means “an entrance website”, and the etymology comes from porta (gate). Synonym is gate. Portal is a word derived from port. A portal site is a website that becomes an entrance to other websites on the Internet. For example,YAHOO! JAPAN’s portal site displays news, weather forecast, incoming mail, etc. Google’s portal site, on the other hand, is simple, with only a search window in the middle. In addition, portal as a game refers to a puzzle game using warp.

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porter /pɔ’ːrtər/ : ポーター


Porter means “work of carrying luggage”, and the etymology comes from portare (carrying). Porter is a profession carrying people’s luggage. Porter keeps luggage of hotel user and carries it to the reserved room. Porter is also called bellman or bellhop. A newbie hotel worker learns basic knowledge of the hotel, customer service skills, and social skills through porter’s work. In Europe and the United States, it is customary to give chips to the porter. As many foreign guests visit famous hotels, English conversation skill is also essential for porters.

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portfolio /pɔɚtfóʊliòʊ/ : 書類入れ、作品集

portfolioは「書類入れ」を意味し、語源はportare(運ぶ)とfoglio(紙)に由来します。同義語はbrief caseです。ポートフォリオは書類を運ぶための平らなケースです。サラリーマンは重要書類をポートフォリオに入れて、持ち運びます。



Portfolio means “a case to carry documents”, and the etymology comes from portare (carry) and foglio (paper). The synonym is brief case. A portfolio is a flat case for carrying documents. A salaryman puts important documents in the portfolio and carries it.

The portfolio also means collections of photographers and artists. Today professional photographers upload their own photos to the portfolio site. This is to appeal their skills and receive orders for work.

The third meaning of the portfolio is a group of stocks owned by individuals and companies. Investors make optimal portfolios according to their own asset conditions. For example, portfolios with high proportion of stocks are high risk and high returns, but portfolios with high proportion of government bonds are low risk and low return. Incidentally, the reason of owning more than one stock and government bond is to disperse the risk. “Do not serve eggs in one basket” is a saying of famous investment.

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report /rɪpˈɔɚt/ : 報告、報道



Report means “needed information to give someone”, the etymology comes from re (back) and portare (carry). Report is used to tell someone about the progress and results of work and investigation. For example, if we make a mistake at work, we should report it to our boss soon. To take a rest for a long time due to sickness, doctor’s medical report is necessary. Children with poor results will hide their report cards.

Report is also used in mass media such as news and newspapers. Television will repeatedly report murder cases in an exaggerated manner. We can view the weather report at any time with the application of the smartphone. A malicious summary site will report fake news, incite people and try to raise ad revenue.

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support /səpˈɔɚt/ : 支持する、支える、扶養する

supportは「支持する」を意味し、語源はsub(下から上へ)とportare(運ぶ)に由来し、原義はラテン語のsupportare(進める)です。同義語はback upです。supportの例文を見てみましょう。増税法案は国民から支持されません。移民が増えているヨーロッパ諸国では、極右の政治家が大衆の支持を得ています。リベラルで先進的な人間はベーシックインカムを支持します。



Support means “to agree and help”, the etymology comes from sub (bottom to top) and portare (carry), the original meaning is Latin supportare (bring forward). The synonym is back up. Let’s see an example sentence of support. The tax increase bill is not supported by the people. In European countries where immigration is increasing, extreme right politicians are getting popular support. Liberal and advanced human beings support the basic income.

The second meaning of support is “to hold the weight to keep its balance.” For example, the elderly are supporting their bodies with a cane. People who broke their legs or sprains support their bodies with crutches. A person with a good sense of balance can support their body with just one foot for a long time.

The third meaning of support is “to pay for necessary money instead”, and its synonym is maintain. There are many single mothers in the poor Japanese, because there is not enough income to support their children. Parents have an obligation to support their children. Parents who do not support children receive punishment as a child abandonment. Children who want to be free from parents’ bondage will start part-time work to support themselves.


語源sub (下)の英単語の意味まとめ

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teleport /téləpɔ̀ːrt/ : 瞬間移動する


Teleport means “to move instantaneously”, and the etymology comes from tele (distant) and transport (carrying). The noun form is teleportation. Teleportation is a kind of ESP that instantly transfers people and objects to different places. In an animation, manga and science fiction, people who teleports and teleportation technology will appear. For example, Cyborg 009 activates the acceleration device with the switch of the back teeth, and performs teleportation.


語源tele (遠い)の英単語の意味まとめ

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transportation /tr`ænspɚtéɪʃən/ : 輸送機関


Transportation means “a system to carry people and things”, and the etymology comes from trans (exceeding) and portare (carrying). “Transportation” is used in American English and its synonym “transport” is used in British English. Transportation is a mechanism that carries people and cargo. Let’s see an example sentence. Students and salaried workers use public transportation such as trains and buses for commuting. The expansion of online mail order resulted in exhaustion of the transportation industry. Sweatshops do not provide transportation expenses. Transportation by cargo ship costs money.


語源trans (横切る)の英単語の意味まとめ

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