語源photo (光)の英単語の意味まとめ


photochemistry : 光化学


Photochemistry means “chemistry of light”, and the etymology comes from photo (light) and chemistry (chemical). Photochemistry is a field of chemistry to investigate how an object reacts to light. Photochemistry is a minor field, but it is an important field that supports the future of Japan.


photoelectron : 光電子の


Photoelectron means “a kind of electron”, and the etymology comes from photo (light) and electric (electricity). Photoelectrons are electrons that are freed by objects as they absorb light. This phenomenon that produces photoelectrons is also called photoelectric effect. The photoelectric effect is also used for phototube and television imaging tubes. Einstein has also been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics by studying the photoelectric effect.


photograph /fóʊṭəgr`æf/ : 写真

photographは「写真」を意味し、語源はphoto(光)とgraph(書くこと)に由来します。省略形はphotoで、同義語はpicture, snapshotです。日常会話ではphotographよりもphoto, pictureの方が使われます。例文を見てみましょう。若い女性は料理の写真を撮って、インスタグラムにアップロードします。年配の人は子供の頃の写真アルバムを大切にします。最近ではコンビニで手軽に写真を現像できます。観光客は現地の人に自分の写真を撮ってもらいます。

Photograph means “a picture”, and the etymology comes from photo (light) and graph (writing). The abbreviation is photo, the synonym is picture and snapshot. For everyday conversation, photo and picture is used rather than photograph. Let’s see an example sentence. A young woman takes a photograph of the dish and uploads it to the Instagram. Elderly people value photograph album of their childhood. Recently you can easily develop photographs at convenience stores. Tourists ask local people to get their photograph taken.


photography /fətάgrəfi/ : 写真術


Photography means “the act of taking pictures”, and the etymology comes from photo (light) and graph (writing). Let’s see an example sentence. In the pool, the public path, museums and aquariums, “No photography” is posted. Photographers make a living with excellent photography technology. Photography is a hobby that costs money unexpectedly, as high-performance SLR (Single-lens reflex) cameras are so expensive. To enhance photography, first of all, it is to grasp the composition of the subject.


photometer /foʊtάməṭɚ/ : 光度計


Photometer means “a device to measure light”, and the etymology comes from photo (light) and metron (measuring). A photometer is a device for measuring light intensity. Luminosity is a physical quantity that expresses the brightness of light and uses the international unit of candela as a unit. Photometers are used in the field of optics.


photon /fóʊṭɑn/ : 光子


Photon means “a particle of light”, and the etymology comes from photo (light) and on (unit). A photon is a particle of light. Light has properties of waves and particles, and Albert Einstein successfully proved it. Photon is a technical term used in the field of quantum mechanics.


photosensitive : 感光性の


Photosensitive means “to be sensitive to light”, and the etymology comes from photo (light) and sensitive (easy to feel). Photosensitivity is the property that a substance undergoes a chemical reaction upon irradiation with light. For example, photosensitive resin is used for making printing plates, wiring printed circuit boards, and creating integrated circuits. Photosensitive plants bloom in response to light.

photosynthesis : 光合成


Photosynthesis means “a chemical reaction using light”, and the etymology comes from photo (light) and synthese (synthesis). Photosynthesis is the chemical reaction that plants convert light energy into chemical energy. Plants produce carbohydrates and oxygen from water and carbon dioxide by photosynthesis. Phytoplankton and algae also do photosynthesis.


photovoltage : 光起電力


Photovoltage means “electric power produced by light”, and the etymology comes from photo (light) and voltaic (electric power). Photovoltaic power is the potential difference generated by light irradiation. The phenomenon in which electromotive force is generated by light irradiation is called photovoltaic effect. By the way, the electromotive force is the function of keeping flowing electric current. The photovoltaic effect is used in solar panels.



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