語源bene (善)の英単語の意味まとめ





benediction /bènədíkʃən/ : 祝祷



Benediction means “a prayer”, and the etymology comes from bene (good) and dicere (talk). The original meaning is Latin benedicere(to speak well of).

Benediction is a prayer to God at the end of worship. When a priest or pastor gives a benediction, the congregation answers amen. By the way, Amen means “Yes” in Hebrew. The general lines of benediction are as follows. 2 Corinthians 13: 13 “Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, love of God, fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you.”

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benefit /bénəfìt/ : 利益、給付金



Benefit means “something that helps you”, and the etymology comes from bene (good) and facere (do). Original is a Latin benefactum (a good deed). Synonyms are merit and advantage. Let’s see an example sentence of benefit.

For example, Dale Carnegie’s book titled “How To Win Friends and Influence People” brings great benefits to people who are not friendly. Children of economically rich families can receive great benefits from education. Smart people also receive a benefit from painful experiences. The benefit of a credit card is that you can shop without having enough money in a bank account.

The second meaning of benefit is “money given to the poor” and synonym is welfare. For example, if workers, joining unemployment insurance, quit their job, they will receive unemployment benefit. Companies with satisfactory welfare pay housing benefit to employees living alone. Families with children will receive children benefit from the government. The number of Japanese companies paying retirement benefit are gradually decreasing.

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benefactor /bénəf`æktɚ/ : 寄付者


Benefactor means “someone who gives money”, and the etymology comes from bene (good) and facere (do). Synonyms are donor and contributor. Let’s see an example sentence of benefactor.

It is reported that an anonymous benefactor who names “Date Naoto” gave school bags to a school child consultation center. In response to the news, other anonymous benefactors sent goods to the child care facility one after another. This chainlike donation that happened in Japan is called “Tiger mask phenomenon”.

Successful people, as benefactors, may give goods to kindergartens or orphanages who have been taken care of. It is a common story that wealthy people have too much money on their hands and become benefactors of schools and churches.

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benefice /bénəfɪs/ : 聖職禄



Benefice means “the right to receive income from churches”, and the etymology comes from bene (good) and facere (do). The original meaning is Latin beneficium (favor).

Benefice is the right to earn money from the property and dedication of the church. Top priests were able to make a great wealth by benefice. For that reason, some people bought and sold priestly positions by money (Simony). Some monks began to be disgusted by the depravity of the clergy and started a monastery campaign.

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beneficiary /bènəfíʃièri/ : 受益者


Beneficiary means “a person who receives benefits”, and the etymology comes from bene (good) and facere (do).

For example, large companies become beneficiary of tax cuts on corporate taxes. On the other hand, the poor become beneficiary of enriching welfare programs. People with a high media literacy is beneficiary of the spread of the Internet.

Beneficiary also means the recipient of insurance, annuity and heritage. For example, if you join medical insurance, the beneficiary is the subscriber himself. If you join death insurance, the beneficiary will be your spouse or child. Dead people can not receive money.

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benevolent /bənévələnt/ : 優しい


Benevolent means “gentle”, and the etymology comes from bene (good) and velle (wish). Synonyms are kind and generous.

Benevolent persons, raised at an orphanage, donate to orphanages and take orphans. Everyone likes benevolent humans.

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