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語源cad, cas (落ちる)の英単語の意味まとめ



accident /ˈæksədnt/ : 事故


Accident means “an event in which a vehicle is damaged and often someone is hurt”. The etymology comes from ad (direction) and cadere (falling). The original meaning is Latin accidentum (event). The synonym is crash. Let’s see example sentences of accident.

Drunk driving causes a traffic accident. The possibility of encountering an airplane accident is very low. Train is sometimes delayed due to a train accident. If you check the left and right before crossing the road, you can prevent accidents.

Climbers should check the weather information beforehand to stop the climbing accident. In the event of a hit-and-run accident, let’s remember the license plate of the car. Looking aside while driving cause serious accidents. Accident insurance is an insurance that makes up for medical expenses due to injury in daily life.


cadaver /kədˈævɚ/ : 死体


Cadaver means “dead human body”, and the etymology comes from cadare (falling). Synonyms are corpse and body. Cadaver especially means the corpse of a human being used in dissection. Let’s see example sentences of cadaver.

Medical students dissect the cadavers in training and learn anatomy. Judicial autopsy is to dissect criminal cadavers in order to investigate the cause of death. Pathologic dissection is to dissect the cadaver of a human who died of illness for research purposes.


cadence /kéɪdns/ : 声の調子、ペダルの回転数


Cadence means “tone of voice”, and the etymology comes from cadere (falling). Let’s see example sentences of cadence.

We should read poetry aloud in rhythmical cadence in Japanese language class.

Cadence is also used for competition bicycles. Cadence means the number of revolutions of a bicycle pedal per minute. If you attach a cycle computer to your bicycle, you can measure the cadence. You can reduce the burden on your body by keeping the cadence constant.


cascade /kæsˈkeɪd/ : 階段状の滝


Cascade means “a small waterfall in the shape of staircase”, and the etymology comes from cadere (falling). The original meaning is Italian cascata (waterfall). Cascade is figuratively used in other fields in many cases.

For example, cascade connection is a method of extending the network by connecting hub ports to other ports. By cascade connection, dozens of electronic devices can be connected at the same time. Cascade display is to display multiple windows slightly shifted on a PC. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a programming language for customizing the appearance of WEB pages.


case /keɪs/ : 事例・状況


Case means “a specific example or situation”, and the etymology comes from cadere (falling). Its synonym is example. Case is used for particularly bad events.

For example, no cut loss is a typical case of failure in stock investment. It is an exceptional case that an airplane is hijacked and collides with a big building. FX is a risky deal, in the worst case we will have a lot of debts. In this case, self-bankrupt is effective. By entering medical insurance you can escape the worst case. In the case of depressed patients, encouraging will be counterproductive.


casual /kˈæʒuəl/ : 無頓着、カジュアルな、臨時の


Casual means “seeming not to care about something”, and the etymology comes from casualis (by chance). Casual has multiple meanings, but they roughly mean “not obeying the rules”.

For example, a lazy person is casual about the time in many cases. An extravagant person has a casual attitude to their money. Selfish people are casual about others’ feelings.

Casual is also used in clothing. We take walks on casual clothes. On the other hand we will participate in weddings and funerals with formal clothes.

Casual also means short-term labor. A company hires casual (or temporary) staff to compensate for employees who quit. A casual laborer can not earn money properly.


casualty /kˈæʒuəlti/ : 死傷者


Casualty means “someone killed or hurt in a war or an accident “, and the etymology comes from cadere (falling). The original meaning is Latin casualis (happening by chance).

Casualty includes those who died or get injured in accidents and wars. You can use fatality to refer to only the dead. Let’s see example sentences of casualty.

The number of casualties in the Japanese traffic accident in 2017 is about 700,000 people, and the number of fatalities is about 4000 people. Indiscriminate bombing, mines, and cluster bombs will bring out many casualties. Natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and eruptions create a lot of casualties.


chance /tʃˈæns/ : 可能性、機会


Chance means “possibility”, and the etymology comes from cadere (falling). Its synonym is possibility. Let’s see an example sentence of chance.

Diligent and economical people have a good chance of succeeding economically. On the other hand, lazy people have no chance of economic success. The chance of winning the lottery is very low.

The second meaning of chance is “a favorable time or situation”, and its synonym is opportunity. Having friendships with various people gives you chance to find new jobs. Economically successful people are generally behavioral and do not miss business chance. People with high media literacy can grasp the chance to become rich in the Internet business.


decadent /dékədnt/ : 退廃的


Decadent means “liking physical pleasure”, and the etymology comes from de (leaving) and cadere (falling). The original meaning is Latin decadere (decay).

Decadent means to the state of living as your desire and not ruling yourself. Children who are spoiled by their parents are highly likely to lead a decadent life.


decay /dəkéɪ/ : 腐敗する


原義はラテン語のdecadere(減少する)で、同義語はrot, go bad, spoilです。

Decay means “to rot”, the etymology comes from de (leave) and cadere (fall). The original meaning is Latin decadere (to decrease). Its synonyms are rot, go bad, spoil.

Decay is a phenomenon in which bacteria decompose organic matter, and in many cases it produces offensive odors and harmful substances.

Eating decayed foods may cause food poisoning. Since microorganisms causing decay are weak to low temperature, raw foods such as fish and meat should be kept in the refrigerator to prevent decay.

Decay is also used in dentistry. Saliva has a role of preventing tooth decay. Saliva will not be secreted during sleep, so be sure to brush your teeth before going to bed at night and after getting up in the morning.


incident /ínsədnt/ : 事件


Incident means “an event that is unusual and violent”, the etymology comes from in (in) and cadere (falling).

Incident means especially unusual and violent events. Incident is mainly used in formal context such as coverage, we use “something happened” in everyday English. Let’s see example sentence of incidents.

Small incidents occur frequently in places where public safety is bad. When major incidents occur, news reporters head for the scene. It is a miracle that a young woman can travel to a place where security is bad and return without incident.


occasion /əˈkeɪʒən/ : 時、機会



Occasion means “a time when something happens”, and the etymology comes from ob (lower) and cadere (fall). The original idea is Latin occidentre (fall). Its synonym is time. Let’s see an example sentence of occasion.

If you live near your work place, you may meet with your colleagues on several occasions. A group date is a great occasion to make lovers. Clearance sale is a good occasion to buy clothes cheaply. Occasion also means social events and celebrations. Parents mark an occasion at home when their child passes the first desiring university. Parents will buy a new suit at the occasion of their child’s graduation.