語源pur (純粋)の英単語の意味まとめ


expurgate /ékspɚgèɪt/ : 削除する

expurgateの意味は「削除する」で、語源はex(外)とpurgare(追い出す)に由来し、同義語はdelete, eliminate, removeです。


‘Expurgate’ drives the harmful passage out of the books. Old comics used discriminatory words, which are expurgated in a revised edition.


pour /pˈɔɚ/ : 液体を注ぐ



Pour‘ is used when you tilt a kettle or bottle and fill the glass with something to drink. A butler pours coffee for all guests in a mansion. In a company with old cultures, women have to pour tea for the guests, and freshmen have to pour their boss a glass of beer.


pure /pjˈʊɚ/ : 純粋な



Pure‘ is used when a substance does not contain any other substances. As gold is soft and fragile, gold accessories are made of alloy for high strength, instead of pure gold. On the other hand, a gold bar is made of pure gold for more asset value. A person who is particular about a pedigree will chose pure-blooded animals as their pet. In Japan, we can drink pure water from a faucet.


purifier /pjʊ́rəfàɪɚ/ : 浄化器



‘Purifier’ is an equipment to remove harmful substance in water or air. Some people buy expensive water purifier in anxiety about harmful substances in tap water, however the water-purity control in Japan is very strict, and drinking it directly makes no problem. An air purifier can remove dust and pollen in a room. The more cedar pollen there is, the more people buy air purifiers to prevent hay fever.


purify /pjˈʊ(ə)rəfὰɪ/ : 浄化する



Purify‘ means to remove harmful things from particular substance. Chlorine in tap water of Japan has the effect to purify water. An air purifier also purifies the air in a room.


語源fac, fic, facere (作る、する)の英単語の意味まとめ


purge /pˈɚːdʒ/ : 追放する



Purge means that a person in authority remove their opponent or disturbing element, and happen frequently in dictatorship or socialistic countries. For a dictator, purge means to ‘make the government clean’. The ultimate leader of the Soviet Union, Stalin purges a large amount of politicians. This oppression is called ‘Great Purge‘.


purgative /pˈɚːgəṭɪv/ : 下剤



Purgative‘ is the medicine to make your bowel relieved, and you will take them to cure the constipation, which is the condition of having difficulty with removing your solid waste from your body.


purgatory /pˈɚːgət`ɔːri/ : 煉獄



Purgatory‘ is the place where the soul of dead people suffer from purification until they become pure enough to go to the Heaven. Catholic church believes in purgatory, but Orthodox Church and Protestantism do not so.