語源pet, peat (求める)の英単語の意味まとめ



appetite /ˈæpətὰɪt/ : 食欲


Appetite means “desire for foods”, the origin is derived from ad (direction) and petere (ask for), the original meaning is Latin appetere (craving). Let’s see an example sentence. We lose our appetite at illness. After a hard exercise, we will have a voracious appetite. Capsaicin, an ingredient of red pepper, stimulates the stomach and whets appetite. The smell of curry sharpen our appetite. Excessive stress causes loss of appetite.

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appetizer /ˈæpətὰɪzɚ/ : 前菜


Appetizer means “appetizing-enhancing dishes and drinks”, and the etymology comes from appetize (appetizing). French hors d’oeuvres and Italian antipasto are almost the same as appetizer.

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compete /kəmpíːt/ : 競う

competeは「競う」を意味し、語源はcom(一緒)とpetere(求める)に由来し、原義はラテン語のcompetere(共に努力する)です。同義語はcontend, contestです。例文を見てみましょう。ライバルたちはお互いに優劣を競い合います。腕相撲は腕力を競うスポーツで、短距離走は足の速さを競うスポーツです。多国籍企業は世界市場で競争し、莫大な利益を手に入れようとします。小さな書店は大型書店に太刀打ちできません。

competeの二つ目の意味は「競技に参加する」で、同義語はtake part in, participate inです。例文を見てみましょう。体力のある人はマラソン大会に出場します。プロのアスリートたちはオリンピックに参加します。テニスが得意な人は、テニス大会に参加します。

Compete means “to try to win”, the etymology comes from com (together) and petere (ask for), and the original meaning is the Latin competere (to work together). Synonyms are contend and contest. Let’s see an example sentence. The rivals compete with each other for their superiority. Arm wrestling is a sport competing for strength, and short distance racing is a sport competing for running speed. Multinational companies compete in the world market and try to gain huge profits. A small bookstore can not compete against a large bookstore.

The second meaning of compete is “participate in the competition”, synonyms are take part in and participate in. Let’s see an example sentence. People with physical stamina will compete in the marathon contest. Professional athletes will compete in the Olympic. People who are good at tennis will compete in the tennis tournament.

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competent /kάmpətnt/ : 有能な

competentは「有能な」を意味し、語源はcompetere(一致する)に由来します。同義語はable, capable, efficientで、対義語はincompetent, incapable, inefficientです。例文を見てみましょう。欧米企業の賃金体系は職務給なので、会社は有能な社員を高い給料で雇います。有能な労働者は転職を繰り返して、キャリアアップをします。有能な選手は毎日きちんとトレーニングをしています。有能な教師は生徒からとても信頼されています。多国籍企業は世界中から有能な人材を雇い入れます。

Competent means “having enough skill or knowledge”, and the etymology comes from competere (coincide). Synonyms are able, capable and efficient, and antonyms are incompetent, incapable and inefficient. Let’s see an example sentence. The wage system of European and American companies is job-based, so the company hires competent employees with a high salary. Competent workers repeat career change and career up. Competent athletes train properly every day. A competent teacher is very trusted by the students. Multinational companies hire capable talents from all over the world.

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perpetual /pɚpétʃuəl/ : 永久の

perpetualは「永久の」を意味し、語源はper(ずっと)とpetere(求める)に由来し、原義はラテン語のperpetuus(継続する)です。同義語はeternal, permanent, everlasting, never-endingです。例文を見てみましょう。名作を残した文豪には普及の名声が与えられます。標高の高い山岳地帯では万年雪が見られます。一部のお年寄りは長生きに備えて終身年金に加入します。永久機関とは、外部からエネルギーを受け取ることなく仕事を続ける装置のことです。万年カレンダーは何年も繰り返して使えるカレンダーです。

Perpetual means “continuing all the time”, the etymology comes from per (forever) and petere (ask for), the original meaning is Latin perpetuus (to continue). Synonyms are eternal, permanent, everlasting and never-ending. Let’s see an example sentence. Writers who left masterpieces receive perpetual fame. Perpetual snow can be seen in mountainous areas with high altitude. Some older people join the perpetual annuity in preparation for long life. Perpetual motion machine is a device that keeps working without receiving energy from outside. A perpetual calendar can be used repeatedly for many years.

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petition /pətíʃən/ : 嘆願

petitionは「嘆願」を意味し、語源はpetere(求める)に由来します。同義語はappeal, entreaty, pleaです。例文を見てみましょう。年金受給者は政府に年金を減額しないように懇願します。市民は騒音の対策をするように地方自治体に懇願します。署名運動には国や政治家を動かす力があります。活動家が署名書を作成し、それに賛同する人が署名書にサインをします。署名活動はインターネットでも行われます。Change.orgはネット署名を行う有名なサイトです。利益を出せなくなった会社は、破産申請を行います。ギャンブルで借金を返せなくなった人も破産申請をします。

Petition means “written request to someone in authority”, and the etymology comes from petere (ask for). Synonyms are appeal, entreaty and plea. Let’s see an example sentence. Pensioners will make a petition to the government not to reduce the pension. Citizens petition local governments to take measures against noise. A petition drive (or signature campaign) has the power to move nations and politicians. An activist draw up a petition and a person who agrees with it sign a petition. Petition drives are also conducted on the internet. Change.org is a famous site that conducts e-petition. Companies that are no longer able to make profits carry out a bankruptcy petition. People who cannot pay off their gambling debt can also petition bankruptcy.

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repeat /rɪpíːt/ : 繰り返して言う



Repeat means “to say something again”, and the etymology comes from re (again) and petere (ask for). Let’s see an example sentence. When you can not hear the opponent’s remarks, let’s say, “Could you repeat that?” A hot-blooded teacher repeat to the student “do your best”. To repeat English words is not a very efficient learning method. I repeat that it is inefficient to repeat English words.

Repeat is also used for action. For example, a line work repeats the same behavior all the time, so it is quite boring. Not serious college students can not get enough credits and repeat the year. The juvenile delinquents repeats the crime. Since cancer spreads to other organs and grows, cancer patients repeat the surgery.

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