語源par, pear (見える)の英単語の意味まとめ


apparent /əpˈærənt/ : 明らかな

apparentは「明らかな」を意味し、語源はapparere(現れる)に由来し、同義語はclear, obvious, plain, evidentです。apparentは「it is apparent that」の形でよく使われます。例文を見てみましょう。日本の社会保障制度が大きな問題を抱えていることは明らかです。明確な理由もなく労働者をクビにすることは違法です。お酒の飲み過ぎが体に悪いことは、科学的な調査から明らかです。資本主義が経済的な格差をもたらすことは誰の目にも明らかです。

Apparent means “easy to notice”, the etymology comes from apparere (appearing), and its synonyms are clear, obvious, plain and evident. The word “apparent” is used in the form of “it is apparent that”. Let’s see an example sentence. It is apparent that Japanese social security system has big problems. It is illegal to fire a worker for no apparent reason. It is apparent from scientific studies that excessive drinking is bad for human health. It is apparent to everyone that capitalism brings economic disparities.



appear /əpíɚ/ : 特定の状態に見える、姿を見せる


appearの二つ目の意味は「現れる」で、同義語はturn up, show up, come out, emergeです。例文を見てみましょう。家が老朽化すると、壁に小さな亀裂が生じます。最近は有名なYoutuberやアフィリエイター、ブロガーがテレビに出演します。事件の目撃者は証人として出廷します。有名な俳優さんは数多くの映画に出演します。皮膚炎は皮膚の上に現れる症状です。

Appear means “looks like a particular condition”, and the etymology comes from ad (direction) and parere (appearance). “Appear” is a more formal expression than its synonyms “seem” or “look”. Let’s see an example sentence. A stubborn and difficult person appears always angry. Gangsters with a tattoo appear violent. People appear happy when eating delicious things. A twitter account with many followers appear to have a very strong influence. Lazy people appear to be unable to succeed in Internet business.

The second meaning of appear is “show up”, its synonyms are turn up, show up, come out and emerge. Let’s see an example sentence. When the house gets time-worn, small cracks will appear on the wall. Recently the famous Youtubers, affiliate earners and bloggers appear on TV. Witnesses of the case will appear in a court as witnesses. Famous actor will appear in many movies. Dermatitis is a symptom that appears on the skin.



appearance /əpí(ə)rəns/ : 外見

appearanceは「外見」を意味し、語源はapparere(現れる)に由来し、同義語はlook, showです。例文を見てみましょう。女性は男性を見かけで判断するので、男性は自分の外観を磨くべきです。プライドの高い美人な女性は、自分の容姿を鼻にかけます。詐欺師は相手を騙すために、お金持ちであるかのように見せかけます。「人は見かけによらぬもの」ということわざにもあるように、私たちは外見だけで人を判断するべきではありません。他人の容姿を悪くいうことは、とても失礼なことです。

Appearance means “the way someone looks to others”, the etymology comes from apparere (appearing), its synonyms are look and show. Let’s see an example sentence. Because women judge men by appearance, men should improve their appearance. A beautiful woman of great pride take pride in her appearance. The fraudster gives appearance of being rich in order to deceive the opponent. As the proverb says “appearances are deceptive”, we should not judge people by appearance alone. It is very rude to speak ill of others’ physical appearance.



disappear /dìsəpíɚ/ : 姿を消す

disappearは「姿を消す」を意味し、語源はdis(否定)とappear(現れる)に由来します。同義語はfade, vanish, go out of sight, be goneです。例文を見てみましょう。マジシャンは手品で自由に人を消すことができます。莫大な借金を抱えた経営者は急に姿をくらまします。戦時中に、多くの人が原子爆弾で跡形もなく消え去りました。ブロガーはデータが消えた場合に備えて、データをバックアップするべきです。平和主義者は戦争や核兵器がこの世からなくなることを望みます。

Disappear means “to become impossible to see”, and the etymology comes from dis (deny) and appear (appear). Synonyms are fade, vanish, go out of sight and be gone. Let’s see an example sentence. A magician can make a person disappear freely with magic. Management with a huge amount of debts suddenly disappears. During the war, many people disappeared without a trace at the atomic bomb. Bloggers should backup the data in case the data disappears. Pacifists hope that war and nuclear weapons will disappear from the world.



transparent /trænspˈærənt/ : 透明な


Transparent means “having the quality that you can see through” and the etymology comes from trans (through) and parere (to see). Synonyms is “clear” and antonym is “opaque”. Let’s see an example sentence. Transparent glass is used for the touch panel of the smartphone. Water is transparent liquid, and nitrogen is transparent gas. If you use transparent garbage bags, your privacy will be clumsy. Saran wrap is a transparent sheet used for food preservation.


語源trans (横切る)の英単語の意味まとめ



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