語源pute (考える)の英単語の意味まとめ


compute /kəmpjúːt/ : 計算する

computeは「計算する」を意味し、語源はcom(一緒)とputare(数える)に由来し、原義はcomputare(数える)です。同義語はcalculate, figure outです。例文を見てみましょう。節約家は毎月の出費をきちんと計算します。海外旅行に行くなら、旅行の費用を事前に計算しましょう。WindowsのExcelやMacのNumbersは人間の代わりに複雑な数字の計算をしてくれます。個人事業主は経費の計算がうまくできないと、余分に税金を支払うことになります。税務職員は確定申告していない人に対し、税金を多めに計算します。利子の計算ができないと、リボ払いで多くの利子を支払うことになります。

Compute means “to calculate”, the etymology comes from com (together) and putare (count), the original meaning is computare (count). The synonym is calculate and figure out. Let’s see an example sentence. A saver computes the monthly expenses properly. If you are traveling abroad, let’s compute the cost of the trip in advance. Excel in Windows or Numbers in Mac compute complex numbers instead of human beings. Self-employed persons will pay extra tax if they cannot compute their expenses well. Tax officials will compute extra taxes for those who have not declared final tax returns. If you can not compute interest, you will pay a lot of interest with revolving payment.


computer /kəmpjúːṭɚ/ : コンピューター



パソコンの主な構成要素は、CPU、メインメモリ、ハードディスクドライブなどです。パソコンの主な周辺機器は、ディスプレイ、マウス、キーボードです。またパソコンのオペレーティングシステム(略してOS)には大きく分けてWIndows, MacOS, Linuxの3種類があります。

Computer means “a machine to process information”, and the etymology comes from compute (to calculate). A computer was originally a machine for calculation, but now it is used for various purposes. Supercomputer is a machine for large-scale calculation processing, used in the field of science.

The computer owned by an individual is called a personal computer, and its kind is abundant. For example, a desktop type personal computer is large in size, but it is low cost and excellent in expandability. On the other hand, laptop computers are excellent in portability, but their performance is low and the price is also expensive.

The main components of the personal computer are CPU, main memory, hard disk drive and so on. The main peripherals of personal computer are display, mouse and keyboard. There are also three types of operating systems (OS for short) of PCs, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


deputy /dépjʊṭi/ : 代理人

deputyは「代理人」を意味し、語源はde(離れる)とputate(考える)に由来し、原義はラテン語のdeputare(割り当てる)です。同義語はproxy, agent, representativeです。部長が不在の時は、部長代理が代理を務めます。副社長は社長の代理で会議に出席します。副首相は首相の代わりに業務を行います。

Deputy means “someone represents another person”, the etymology comes from de (putting away) and putate (thinking), the original meaning is Latin deputare (to allot). Its synonyms are proxy, agent and representative. When the director is absent, the deputy manager acts as a substitute. The deputy president will attend the meeting on behalf of the president. The Deputy Prime Minister will perform business in lieu of the prime minister.


dispute /dɪspjúːt/ : 論争

disputeは「論争」を意味し、語源はdis(離れて)とputate(考える)に由来します。同義語はargument, disagreement, controversyです。例文を見てみましょう。資産家の親は遺書をきちんと作っておかないと、親族間で相続争いが発生します。労働条件が劣悪だと、労働者と事業主の間で労使紛争が生じます。領土紛争は非常に解決の難しい問題です。家庭内のもめごとは子供に大きなストレスをもたらします。中国とインドの間で国境紛争が発生したことがあります。訴訟とは、裁判所が司法権により紛争を解決するための手続きのことです。

Dispute means “serious argument”, and the etymology derives from dis (away) and putate (think). Synonyms are argument, disagreement and controversy. Let’s see an example sentence. Parents of wealthy families must make their wills properly, or inheritance dispute will occur among their relatives. Labor disputes arise between workers and business owners if labor conditions are bad. Territorial disputes are a very difficult problem to solve. Domestic dispute brings great stress on children. There has been a border dispute between China and India. Litigation is a procedure for a court to resolve a dispute under the jurisdiction.


putative /pjúːṭəṭɪv/ : 推測上の



reputation /rèpjʊtéɪʃən/ : 評判

reputationは「評判」を意味し、語源はre(何度も)とputate(考える)に由来し、同義語はfame, popularityです。例文を見てみましょう。その不良少年は暴力を振るうことで知られているため、他の生徒は近寄りません。その先生は厳しいけれど、教えるのが上手いことで有名です。親は自分の子供を評判の良い学校に入学させたいと思っています。起業家は多くの人の役に立つビジネスを提供することで、名声を確立します。不倫やスキャンダルはその人の評判を傷つけます。良い行いをすることで名声を高めることができます。

Reputation means “opinion of people”, the etymology comes from re (again) and putate (to think), synonyms are fame and popularity. Let’s see an example sentence. Because the bad boy has a reputation for violence, other students do not approach. The teacher has reputation for being strict but being good at teaching. Parents would like to enroll their children in a school with a good reputation. Entrepreneurs establish reputation by providing businesses that are useful for many people. Infidelity and scandal hurt the person’s reputation. We can develop our reputation by doing good deed.