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語源pan (すべて)の英単語の意味まとめ



panacea /p`ænəsíːə/ : 万能薬


Panacea means “a medicine to cure all diseases”, and the etymology comes from pan (all) and akos (treatment). The synonym is cure-all. Panacea is a legendary medicine that cures all diseases. Elixir and the philosopher’s stone will appear as a panacea in the story. Obviously such a thing does not exist anywhere in the real world, so panacea is used as a metaphor. Let’s see an example sentence. The vacant house problem in Japan is very serious, but there is no panacea to solve it.


pandemic /pændémɪk/ : パンデミック


Pandemic means “infectious disease of very large area”, and the etymology comes from pan (all) and demos (people). A pandemic is the spread of infectious diseases globally. Depending on the scale, infectious diseases can be divided into endemic, epidemic, and pandemic. A pandemic is the biggest one. The famous pandemic are smallpox, influenza, AIDS, syphilis, cholera, malaria. Black death and Spanish flu are also historically famous pandemics.


語源demo (民)の英単語の意味まとめ


pandemonium /p`ændəmóʊniəm/ : 大混乱

pandemoniumは「大混乱」を意味し、語源はpan(すべて)とdaimon(小悪魔)に由来します。同義語はchaos, confusion, disorderです。例文を見てみましょう。アメリカで誰かが銃を乱射すると、大混乱を引き起こします。ゴキブリが大量発生すると、部屋の中は大混乱になります。北朝鮮がミサイルを発射しても、日本ではあまり混乱にならないでしょう。

Pandemonium means “great confusion”, and the etymology comes from pan (all) and daimon (small devil). Synonyms are chaos, confusion and disorder. Let’s see an example sentence. If someone shoots a gun in the USA, it will cause pandemonium. The outbreak of many cockroaches will cause pandemonium in the room. Even if North Korea launches a missile, there will be not much pandemonium in Japan.


panorama /p`ænərˈæmə/ : 全景


Panorama means “whole view”, and the etymology comes from pan (all) and horama (sight). Panorama means to look over a wide area of land. Let’s see an example sentence. In high places you can see the panorama of the city. Climbers can watch the breathtaking panorama of mountains. Panorama photos are elongated photographs of a wide range of landscapes. Panorama cameras are cameras for taking panorama photos, but recently they have been replaced by omnidirectional cameras. Ricoh is a long-established store of optical equipment manufacturers in Japan and also sells omnidirectional cameras.


pantheism /pˈænθiìzm/ : 汎神論


Pantheism means “an idea that everything is Gods”, and the etymology comes from pan (all) and theos (god). Pantheism is a way of thinking that God and the world is the same things. Upanishads philosophy, store philosophy, thought of Spinoza, Goethe and Schelling adopt pantheism. The existing religion considered pantheism as atheism and see it as a taboo. If God dwells in all things, God will also be inhabited by human beings, as contradiction arises in the teachings of religion. Pantheism war is a controversy about how to accept Spinoza’s philosophy.


語源theo (神)の英単語の意味まとめ


pantheon /pˈænθiὰn/ : 万神殿

pantheonは「万神殿」を意味し、語源はpan(すべて)とtheios(神のため)に由来します。pantheonは全ての神々を意味します。そこから転じて、全ての神々を祀る神殿も意味するようになりました。またthe Pentheonはローマの神々を祀る神殿をさします。このパンテオンはローマ皇帝ハドリアヌスが建てたものです。パンテオンは古代ローマが残した世界遺産の一つです。

Pantheon means “a shrines to admire many Gods”, and the etymology comes from pan (all) and theios (for God). Pantheon means all Gods. Turning from that, it also began to mean the temple that enshrined all the gods. The Pantheon also refers to a temple dedicated to the Roman gods. This Pantheon was built by Roman Emperor Hadrian. Pantheon is one of the world heritage left by ancient Rome.


語源theo (神)の英単語の意味まとめ