語源quir (求める)の英単語の意味まとめ



acquire /əkwάɪɚ/ : 手に入れる

acquireは「手に入れる」を意味し、語源はad(方向)とquaerere(求める)に由来します。同義語はget, obtain, secure, gainです。acquireは高価なものや入手困難なものに使われます。例文を見てみましょう。




Acquire means “to get something”, the etymology is derived from ad (direction) and quaerere (to ask for). Synonyms are get, obtain, secure and gain. Acquire is used for expensive items or something hard to obtain. Let’s see an example sentence.

Many university students acquire a master’s degree at their graduation. A company that acquired a patent of special technology can monopolize the profit obtained from it. A big company will acquire a small company for business expansion.

Acquire is also used for knowledge or skills. For example, it takes years to acquire English knowledge. People who have acquired the habit of running early in the morning can maintain health even if they are older.

Tezuka Osamu acquired a high reputation as a cartoonist. Workers who have acquired advanced skills are advantageous in changing jobs.


conquer /kάŋkɚ/ : 征服する

conquerは「征服する」を意味し、語源はcon(強調)とquaerere(求める)に由来し、原義はラテン語のconquaerere(努力して手に入れる)です。同義語はvanquish, subdue, subjugateです。例文を見てみましょう。


conquerの二つ目の意味は「困難を乗り越える」で、同義語はovercome, get overです。例えばガン患者は苦しい闘病生活を通じてガンを克服します。死の恐怖を克服するのは、とても難しいことです。人間は困難を克服することで強くなると言われています。

Conquer means “to get control of a country by fighting”, the etymology is derived from con (emphasis) and quaerere (to request), and the original meaning is a Latin conquaerere (striving to get it). Synonyms are vanquish, subdue and subjugate. Let’s see example sentences.

In common games, a villain attempts to conquer the world and the brave stop it. Since William I conquered England, he is called William the Conqueror. The powerful country conquered many small countries by military power. Alexander the Great is known for conquering the vast land of West Asia.

The second meaning of conquer is “to get over difficulty”, synonyms are “overcome” and “get over”. For example, cancer patients conquer cancer through painful fighting diseases. It is very difficult to conquer the fear of death. It is said that human become stronger by conquering difficulties.


exquisite /ekskwízɪt/ : 精巧な

exquisiteは「精巧な」を意味し、語源はex(外)とquaerere(求める)に由来し、原義はexquirere(徹底的に選び抜く)です。同義語はelaborate, sophisticatedです。例文を見てみましょう。


Exquisite means “to be beautiful and delicately made”, the etymology comes from ex (outside) and quaerere (asking), and the original meaning is exquirere (thoroughly pick out). Synonyms are elaborate and sophisticated. Let’s see an example sentence.

Exquisite mechanical watches are sold at very high prices. The interior of the smartphone is a very exquisite structure. Excellent craftsmen can make exquisite crafts. Famous composers such as Beethoven and Chopin composed many exquisite music. Exquisite glassworks impress viewers.


inquire /ɪnkwάɪɚ/ : 尋ねる

inquireは「尋ねる」を意味し、語源はin(中)とquaerere(求める)に由来し、原義はラテン語のinquirere(探す)です。同義語はask, questionです。inquireはフォーマルな単語で、日常会話ではaskの方が使われます。inquireの例文を見てみましょう。


Inquire means “to ask someone for information”, the origin is derived from in (middle) and quaerere (asking), the original meaning is Latin inquirere (search for). Synonyms are ask and question. Inquire is a formal word, and in daily conversation, ask is more often used. Let’s see an example sentence of inquire.

A traveler inquire the way of a passer-by. Police officials inquire the name of the suspicious person. The waiter at the restaurant inquire of the customer whether to sit on the non-smoking or the smoking seat. The customer inquires of the company about the defect of the product.


inquiry /ɪnkwάɪ(ə)ri/ : 質問





Inquiry means “a question”, and the etymology comes from inquire (asking). Inquiry is a noun form of inquire, synonym is question. Let’s see an example sentence.

People planning to travel will make inquiries at the hotel about charges and reservations. The reception staff at the hotel will answer customer inquiries. When customers make an inquiry about what they do not know, the company staff will reply “Thank you for your inquiry”.

The second meaning of inquiry is “official investigation”. For example, the government will establish a committee of inquiry to investigate something. The witnesses of the accident will help the police with their inquiries. When a corpse is found, the police will launch an inquiry into the murder case.

In the event of an accident at the factory, the responsible person has an obligation to make an inquiry about the cause.


request /rɪkwést/ : 依頼




requestは動詞としても使われ、同義語はdemand, require, insist, askです。例えば、事故により精神的苦痛を受けた人間は慰謝料を求めます。体調が悪くなったら、私たちは早退の申請をします。

Request means “a polite and formal demand”, and the etymology comes from require. Let’s see an example sentence.

If the household electrical appliances are broken, we will make a request for estimate to the repair company. When there are not enough staff at a convenience store, the manager will make a request for assistance to the headquarters.

When making a request for something to other people, you should take a polite attitude. Then the person will accept the request. On the contrary, if you ask a person with an arrogant attitude, the request will be rejected. Samples of cosmetics will be shipped on request.

Request is also used as a verb, and synonyms are demand, require, insist and ask. For example, a person who suffered from mental suffering due to an accident will request a consolation money. When feeling sick, we will request for early leave.


require /rɪkwάɪɚ/ : 必要とする



Require means “to need something”, and the etymology comes from re (many times) and quaerere (asking), the original meaning is the Latin requirere (to ask). Require is used in written English, and the word “need” is used in everyday conversation. Require does not become progressive. Let’s see an example sentence.

Learning a foreign language requires patience. A huge amount of effort is required for the success of affiliate business. Surgery is required to remove cancer. What is required for children is parental affection. Getting freedom requires money.


query /kwí(ə)ri/ : 質問

queryは「質問」を意味し、語源はquaerere(求める)に由来し、同義語はinquiry, questionです。日常会話ではqueryよりquestionの方がよく使われます。例文を見てみましょう。



Query means “a question”, the etymology comes from quaerere (asking), and the synonym is inquiry and question. In everyday conversation, question is more often used than query. Let’s see an example sentence.

The students make a query about what they do not understand to their teacher. It is the responsibility of the teacher to answer the queries of the students.

Query is also used as an IT term. If you have a lot of files on your computer, you can find the information you need by entering a query. A search query is a word entered when a user searches on a search engine. Affiliate earners expect users’ search queries and make websites based on them.


quest /kwést/ : 探求

questは「探求」を意味し、語源はquaerere(求める)に由来し、同義語はsearch, pursuitです。例文を見てみましょう。


Quest means “a search for something”, the etymology comes from quaerere (seeking), synonyms are search and pursuit. Let’s see an example sentence.

The purpose of the researcher is the quest of the truth. The purpose of our life is ultimately the quest of happiness. Adventurers visit various places in quest of treasure. The purpose of the company is quest of profit. Dragon Quest series is a famous RPG sold by Square Enix.


question /kwéstʃən/ : 質問



questionの二つ目の意味は「解決するべき問題」で、同義語はproblem, issue, subject, caseです。


Question means “a sentence or phrase to ask for information”, and the etymology comes from quaerere (ask). Let’s see an example sentence.

Before we ask questions to the other person, we should ask “Can I ask you a question?” Students with intellectual curiosity frequently ask the teacher questions. In the corporate briefing session, recruitment staff will answer the question of job hunting students. The proposition “Why do people live” is a very difficult question.

The second meaning of question is “a problem to solve”, and synonyms are problem, issue, subject and case.

There are many unresolved questions in the world. The government will solve poverty questions by enriching social welfare. It is difficult to solve the territorial question. College students prepare huge amounts of data and discuss social questions.


questionnaire /kwèstʃənéɚ/ : アンケート




Questionnaire means “set of written questions to collect information”, and the etymology comes from quaerere (asking). Let’s see an example sentence.

A lecturer at the university will give questionnaires to students and have them evaluate their lectures. When the student finishes filling in the questionnaire, the instructor collects the questionnaire.

In college, college students will call on people who are going to “Please answer the questionnaire”. Recently you can feel free to ask a questionnaire with Twitter.








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