語源prim (一番、最初)の英単語の意味まとめ



primary /prάɪmeri/ : 最も重要な、初等の

primaryは「最も重要」を意味し、語源はprimus(一番)に由来します。同義語はmain, chief, principal, major, central, paramountです。例文を見てみましょう。幸福は人間の最大の関心ごとです。学校に行く一番の理由は勉強をすることです。労働者にとって一番重要なことは、自分の給料です。日本の主要都市は東京で、主要産業は自動車です。農業、林業、漁業は第一次産業に該当します。会社勤めの一番のストレス要因は人間関係です。人間関係の改善にはアドラー心理学が役立ちます。


Primary means “most important”, and the etymology comes from primus (first). Synonyms are main, chief, principal, major, central and paramount. Let’s see example sentences. Happiness is the primary concern of human. The primary reason to go to school is studying. The primary thing for workers is their salary. The primary cities of Japan is Tokyo, and the primary industry is car. Agriculture, forestry and fishery belong to the primary industry. The primary factor of stress in working for a company is human relationship. Adler psychology helps improve human relations.

Primary is also used in the educational field, and its synonym is elementary. Children who are 7 years old in Japan go to primary school. Primary education in Japan is six years. In order to become an elementary school teacher, you need to finish teacher-training course. Those who can not speak English at all should get an English lesson at the primary level.


prime /prάɪm/ : 最も重要な

primeは「最も重要な」を意味し、語源はprimus(一番)に由来します。同義語はmain, major, chief, keyです。例文を見てみましょう。離婚の主要な原因は性格の不一致です。政治家の最大の関心ごとは国民を幸せにすることです。コミュニケーション能力の低い子供はいじめの格好の的になります。警察は殺人事件の重要容疑者を探します。日本の主要な問題は少子化と高齢化、年金問題です。


Prime means “most important”, and the etymology comes from primus (first). Synonyms are main, major, chief and key. Let’s see an example sentence. The prime cause of divorce is disagreement of character. The prime concern of politicians is to make the people happy. Children with low communication skills become a prime target of bullying. The police look for prime suspects in the murder case. The prime problems in Japan are declining birth rate, aging population and pension problem.

Prime is also used in other fields. A prime number is a natural number that has no positive divisor other than 1 and itself. Prime factor decomposition is to express an integer in the form of a product of prime numbers. Prime meridian means 0 degree longitude. The Prime Minister is the head of the Japanese government. The prime rate is the interest rate that the bank applies to companies with high creditworthiness.


primer /prímɚ/ : 入門書、下塗り材

primerは「入門書」を意味し、語源はprimus(一番)に由来します。同義語はmanual, introductory book, guide book, how-to bookです。例文を見てみましょう。英語の初心者は英語の入門書を買うべきです。初心者の投資家は株式投資の入門書を読むべきです。難しいことを考えるのが好きな人は数学の入門書を読んでみましょう。


Primer means “a book for beginner”, and the origin is derived from primus (first). Synonyms are manual, introductory book, guide book and how-to book. Let’s see an example sentence. Beginners in English should buy an English primer. Beginners investors should read the primer for stock investment. If you like thinking about difficult things, let’s read a primer of mathematics.

Primers are also used as architectural terms. Primers are things that firstly put on painted surfaces such as outer walls and roofs, which will enhance the adhesion of the paint to be applied afterwards. Before painting anything, be sure to apply primers.


primeval /prɑɪmíːv(ə)l/ : 原始の


Primeval means ‘of ancient times’, and the etymology comes from primus (first) and aevum (era). Let’s see an example sentence. The primeval forest is a forest that had not been altered by human since the past. Japanese Yakushima and Shirakami mountains have many primeval forests, and both places are registered as UNESCO World Heritage. Recent archeology does not use the word “primeval time”, but instead uses the word “prehistoric times”. Likewise, the term “primeval person” is also strongly discriminatory and derogatory nuance, not used as an academic term.


語源ev, aevum (時)の英単語の意味まとめ


primitive /príməṭɪv/ : 原始的

primitiveは「原始的」を意味し、語源はprimitus(最初に)に由来します。対義語はadvanced, modernです。例文を見てみましょう。かつてヨーロッパ人は未開の民族を虐殺し、奴隷にした歴史があります。剣や槍、弓などの原始的な武器は、現代の戦争ではほとんど使われていません。アニミズムは原始宗教の一つとして分類されます。1960年代のアメリカでは、自然と平和を愛し、原始的な生活を送るヒッピーが流行になりました。

Primitive means “primitive”, and the etymology comes from primitus (first). Antonyms are advanced and modern. Let’s see an example sentence. In the past, Europeans have a history of slaughtering and enslaving primitive peoples. Primitive weapons such as swords, spears and bows are rarely used in modern warfare. Animism is classified as one of primitive religions. In America in the 1960’s, hippies who love nature and peace and live a primitive life became fashionable.








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